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About us

Ledikdent is private dental center in Zagreb, Sloboština, named after first two letters of our names. Our goal is to show patients our care about entire family. Our dental center is a family job and as a family we participate in every part of services we offer. Therefore we do our job with high quality, making sure that you feel comfortable and safe as you were at your own home, which we wanted to achieve also with our internal design.

Our patients get top, fast and high quality treatments. We offer the best quality in materials as well as in services, only that way can be worth of invested time and money.

Our team and family philosophy is to give our patients the best of us. We do our job honestly with intention to solve our patients problem. First of all we want to provide functional teeth and make our patient satisfied, as well as ensure the best esthetics  doing that. You can meet us on your first free of charge examination, when we will give you the main information about condition of your teeth and all the solutions we offer.

Our team

Edin Tukulj

Director Of Ledikdent dental center and dental technician

dr. Ahmet Tukulj

Doctor of dental medicine, specialist for dental prosthetics

Lena Tukulj

Graduated in sociology, Ledikdent dental center business director

dr. Martina Sudar

Doctor of dental medicine, member of Ledikdent team

Our work

Partial prosthesis

The patient came unsatisfied with her old partial prosthesis.

The patient had four teeth in an upper jaw which were prepared for metal ceramic crowns. Special system was used to fix crowns with prosthesis which replaced the rest of the teeth.

Our work

Metal ceramic crowns

The patient comes with a wish for closure of the gap (diastema) between first two upper teeth.

After teeth preparation temporary crowns were fixed to protect teeth but also to let the patient to adjust on new situation.

One week after final work was done- metal ceramic crowns which closed almost entirely the gap between two teeth.

Our work

Metal ceramic circular bridge

The patient had a lack of teeth and an old prosthesis which did not comply with function nor esthetic.

After preparation of existing teeth they were protected with temporary bridge.

Final circular bridge was made of metal ceramic and was fixed on 5 anchor teeth.
Lack of the bone on one tooth was replaced with red ceramics which imitates gum.

Our work

Zircon ceramic bridge

The patient was not satisfied with her teeth because of their colour, shape and recession of gum.

After preparation and temporary bridge, bright coloured zircon ceramic bridge was finished which gave our patient younger appearance.