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Dentist office for children

In LEDIKDENT dental center one office is for adults, and the other is just for children.

Leaded by the example of many European cities we decided to have the first private dental office dedicated to children.

Although we take care of adults with the same attention as we take care of children, children still have a special treatment. Besides all the toys and picture books they can use and cartoons they can watch during the treatment, we took care ofevery single detail to adjust to the children. Our principle was to give the children everything as to adults but separately from them.

Children's office is separated from the office for adults for many reasons. The main reason is the wish to ensure the children the cosy visit to dentist, and to make them feel safe and relaxed. We also wanted to take care of our youngest in the highest hygiene conditions.  All the equipment in the children's office is used only and just for children. It is also important to mention that we use only the highest quality and tested materials.






Pediatric dentistry is part of dentistry which observes development of children's teeth and it's prinicipally based on prevention. Therefore it's important for parents to awake their children about relevance in keeping their teeth clean and healthy.Children should visit dentist firstly for prevention which means when teeth don't hurt. First visit to the dentist can be done when first teeth appear, at the age of 1. That visit has a purpose to educate parents, and that is the right time for them to choose the dentist for their child. Dentist who works with kids has to be observant, patient and full of understanding for child. When a child is a little bit older, the best thing is to do a process of adjustment when child adapts to dental chair and everything else included in dental examination.

There are different kinds of caries prevention in children, and the most common one is fisure sealant. Molars are particularly exposed to accumulation of plaque and food debris therefore it's recommended to protect them with sealant to avoid caries. Also it’s important to mention fluoridation, protecting teeth with fluoro gel.

If caries still appears, it has to be fixed. Primary teeth are as important as permanent and have their own function. Thinking that primary teeth don’t need to be fixed is wrong and can bring great damage to the child. Primary teeth are also fixed with high quality materials, and as encouragement for children these fillings could be in all colors, which is also an award for fixed tooth.



First visit

First visit to the dentist should be done when child is 3 years old or younger. World Dental Association recommends that visit to be even earlier, when child is 1 year old, or when first tooth comes out, so the parents could be educated about the importance of primary teeth and prevention of early caries development.

First visit to our dental office is always booked for child’s adaptation and introduction. Our adaptation and education concept has proved to be very efficient because it gives time to a child to get acquainted with a new situation and prepare for next visit if necessary.

Our entire idea related to children has a special approach, which demands getting to know the child, gaining child’s trust and working step by step. This has given great results so far and children really come to and go from us happy and smiled. We approach to children individually, which means that some of them need more time to relax, which we give them. One should be patient with children, full of attention and understanding.

Parent’s job is to make time for visiting dentist without any rush and impatience. At home you should explain to the child that you will go to meet ‘the doctor for teeth’ without any stories about fixing teeth, buzzing and other sounds, because in dental office child will be introduced to dental chair, see all the instruments and be informed with all the details about following procedure. Children respond better to everything they have seen, felt or tested themselves.

Our child’s dental office isn’t a place where children feel pain but the place that prevents or eliminates pain. All the procedures are being done with small amount of local anaesthetic which makes sure that dentist doesn’t become trauma. Giving anaesthesia is also painless because we use special spray for the place where injection makes entry.

Our experienced stuff works with the children with special attention and approach which is designed to reduce the fear for children and make visit to the dentist totally habitual.