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Jewellery for teeth

If you want to make a small difference for your smile, great solution is jewellery for your teeth. It is being fixed on the tooth by professional materials which are usually being used in dental office. This procedure does not damage enamel of your tooth and you can keep your oral hygiene same as before, without any fear that jewellery can fall off. Jewellery for teeth is always trendy, it’s a personal choice and it’s interesting not only for adults but also for children.

What kind of jewellery do we use? We can offer you several options. The most common one is zircon but the option is also Swarovski crystal, gold or white gold. They can all come in different sizes and shapes (scorpion, horseshoe, football ball, heart, star etc.). There is a big choice of jewellery in our dental office, but if any of them doesn’t suit you, you can buy jewellery yourself and give it to us for fixation.

The following steps for that option are (or we can make an order for you):

  1. Visit web shop and make an account
  2. Choose your favourite jewellery
  3. Pay and expect quick delivery
  4. Make an appointment in our dental office and soon your smile will shine

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