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Parodontal therapy

Early diagnosed parodontal disease can prevent tooth loss. Parodontal disease will be diagnosed in our dental office because only a dentist can make an accurate diagnosis.

On clinical examination an important parameter is measuring the depth of periodontal pockets. We use a special instrument which goes under gums until the ending of the pocket. These measurements help us control the success of therapy. We also measure the amount of dental plaque which is the leading cause of inflammation. Improvement of oral hygiene at home is very important for success.  

Treatment of periodontal disease consists of cleaning the tartar, sand-blasting and polishing the teeth which take off not just tartar but also all the plaque and pigmentation on teeth. Teeth become smooth and no longer suitable for bacterial multiplication. After measuring the depth of periodontal pockets, roots are being polished by special instruments which remove tartar from the part of the tooth below the gum line. It is called scaling. The pockets are being irrigated by antibacterial solutions. Severe cases require a surgical approach and a use of local or systematic antibiotics.

Early detection and treatment of periodontal disease can prevent teeth losses but also influent on your systematic health.

More about parodontal disease read here.

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