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ZOOM whitening at home with splints

The fast-paced lifestyle often does not allow us to take the time for ourselves and therefore this method for achieving white teeth without leaving our home was devised.
Zoom NiteWhite makes it possible for you to whiten your teeth when it suits you best. You just have to wear the splints one to two hours daily or during the night, depending on the formula your dentist recommends. You can initiate and stop the whitening programme in accordance with your busy schedule.
Zoom NiteWhite of the company Philips is a treatment for whitening at home with triple effect: it provides a radiant smile, smooth and shiny teeth as well as sensitivity control. This means that it will make your smile healthier, at the same time whitening your teeth because it improves the enamel which will become smoother and shinier till the end of the treatment. The teeth will be visibly whiter already after 3 days, the maximum effect is achieved in 7-14 days.
In our dental practice we will make a splint perfectly fitting your teeth which means that every tooth will be equally whitened and we will instruct you how to use it.
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